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Database Backup - SQL Backup & Recovery Magento2 Extension

Magento2 Database Backup is a comprehensive database & recovery extension for your Magento2 store to automatically backup your store's database to the cloud of your choice.

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  • Supported Versions 2.0x
  • Compatible Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera etc.
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How Database Backup Works

Backing up your Magento2 store is critical to ensure that you back recover from any fatal server crashes or hacking incidents and get back online with your store and experience quickly. Magento2 Database Backup is designed to be a dead-easy db backup extension for Magento2 stores - so as a Magento2 administrator you can define your backup plan and see it all happen automatically on the schedule you have defined to the cloud you have chosen. Magento2 Database Backup is #1 in comprehensiveness - it backs up the database and save it on a predefined folder, email archive, ftp location, Amazon S3, Google Drive, or DropBox. It can also help in minimizing the fallout if the store has been compromised to quickly roll back Magento2 store on last good backup

Protect your Store Data with Magento Backup Plus Extension

Regular Magento backups prevent you from any data loss and is essential for your store security. The backup process of databases is run as a background process without affecting your site performance.


Cloud Backup

Magento Database Backup ensures the backup can be automatically uploaded to Cloud storages like Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, gDrive, Once Drive etc. This is to save your website space and is good to restore in case your server goes down.

Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  Upload database backups to Google drive   Upload backups to
  Upload db backups to Dropbox   Upload store backups to Amazon S3
  Upload backups to FTP   Upload to SFTP
  Upload database backups to Local storage   Automatically remove old database archives, backup files
  Schedule automatic backups   Magento2 automatic SQL backup
  Support for multiple languages   Backup email notification

Release Note

 Version 2.0.1
- Compatible Dropbox New Api

 Version 2.0.0
- Initial release

Customer Reviews

  • Precise and to the point Review by Jimmy Roberts

    You have nailed it Ken, i have been in that kind of situations myself. It took me a while to understand why i really need it and now i can't part of it.

    Excellent plugin to manage database dumps automatically. It's just really peace of mind.

  • MUST have extension for serious stores Review by Ken

    I have been in very bad situations in the past and i know the problems you face when you don't have backups and you have a store to run.

    Tried few extensions in the past and this seems to be dong the job perfectly. I personally reloaded to verify the database dumps. All looks good. 5 stars to the plugin creator.

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