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Magik development team follow Magento standards of high quality & clear structure of the code & offer a great variety of comprehensive Magento extensions, developed to effectively optimize Magento store management process and allow merchants to do their routine tasks, quickly. Our priority is to create Magento extensions that make your online stores to do even more. All our Magento extensions are compatible with the latest Magento versions. All our extensions are 100% bug-free and easy to manage from the back-end admin interface.

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Magento Extension : Full Features

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What are Magento Extensions?

Extensions are exactly what it sounds like. An extension is a code that adds some additional feature or functionality that eventually improves the existing Magento code. Magento developers have created Magento extensions and plugins which help extend its basic built-in functionality. Ecommerce store owners can install these Magento extensions by downloading them and then either uploading them to their server or applying a module's extension key through Magento Connect Manager. Magento extensions are one of the most effective tools available that allow ecommerce store owners to quickly add new features to their Magento store.

Why choose Paid Magento Extensions over Free Magento Extensions?

There are free magneto extensions as well as paid premium magento extensions available in the space. You can choose and download free extensions from various online sources instantly without spending any money but for a paid Magento extension you need to invest a small amount of your money.

Following are some reasons as to why you should choose paid Magento extensions over the free extensions.

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Premium functionality & security

One reason why developer create free Magento extensions is because they want to test their abilities and how users react to it. They are not always professionally designed 100% bug free. Most of these free Magento extensions lack functionality, scalability and security. Whereas in case of paid Magento extensions developers invest a lot of hard work & efforts to write the code at par with Magento standards. These paid Magento extensions come with rich feature capabilities & functionality, support commitment with security and reliability.

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Help & Support

Another very obvious reason to opt for paid Magento extensions is the support you get from the developers. The support can usually be in the form of a support forum, email conversation and ticket support where you can get help fixing problems or making minor modifications to your Magento extensions.

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Mostly free Magento extensions are found to be low quality products lacking proper documentation and poor coding style. Paid Magento Extensions are designed, coded & tested by an expert team. These Magento extensions are compatible with the latest Magento version.

Conclusion? When you purchase a paid premium Magento extension, you can expect better quality, lots of features for customization, guaranteed support and timely updates & patches.

Extensions Experts

At Magik when we create a Magento extension, we keep in mind the needs of a modern ecommerce community and provide you with one of the best Magento extensions. We have a range of Magento extensions to meet your customer's as well as Magento store needs. The detailed description, screenshots, demo videos, feature list and an installation guide will give you a clear picture of the Magento extension's functionality. Just when you are convinced that one of our Magento extension is apt for your store, purchase it and download from your customer account. And if there's still some confusion about the Magento extension, you can contact us at and we will be happy to help you with the Magento extension.