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Magento Testimonial Extension

Magento Testimonials Extension

Magik Testimonials is an innovative Magento extension that helps to engage your customers, visitors by showing them product reviews, testimonials on specified places to build TRUST.

Increase sales from comparison shopping with Magento Testimonial Advertising
Testimonials extension benefits Search Engine Optimization
Build consumer confidence & trust
Eliminate doubts about products, services etc. thus, helps conversion

Increase Trust with Magento Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing, and it's influence is on the rise as traditional marketing becomes more expensive and less effective. In the past. Unfortunately, word of mouth was limited to person-to-person communication. Today, the viral nature of the internet allows conversations to quickly spread around the world and influence millions of people. This fact, coupled with a growing distrust for traditional advertising has made online testimonial and reviews one of the most powerful factors influencing purchasing decisions.

Nothing can make or break your company more than people talking. The fact is, people listen to what others say for better or for worse so it’s more important than ever to make those good words count! With our Magento User Testimonial your customers have an ability to easily write testimonials for your products or services you provide online.

Full Feature Lists
  Admins can manually add testimonials received via email or other chanels
  Customers can submit their testimonials on your produts or services
  Allow to upload an image on frontend
  The extension supports multiple special effects with speed
  Easy to switch between either between testimonial or reviews from admin
  Create beautiful customer testimonials landing page


Magento Testimonials FAQ's

  • How to display the testimonials/reviews on my store's homepage?

    Yes, you can display testimonials on your store's homepage. Testimonials Magento Extension dynamically creates a block code which can be copied and pasted in your theme's page

  • Can I create separate page of testimonial & add it's link in footer?

    Yes, extension will list testimonials on separate landing page which you can link in footer .

  • Can I show random reviews on product pages?

    Yes, you can set content type "product reviews" from admin testimonial setting. Copy created block code and paste in required page template file of your theme.

  • Can I customize testimonial/reviews block?

    Yes, Using magento user testimonial extension you can customize block with effect, transition speed, sort by date etc

  • Can I add testimonial from frontend?

    Yes, Magento Customer Testimonials allow you to add testimonial from frontend.

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