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SEO Plus - Magento Extension

Magento SEO PLUS - All In One SEO Magento Extension

Magento SEO PLUS is a comprehensive SEO extension for your Magento store that reduces search optimization workload and dramatically improves online visibility of a Magento store by embracing SEO practices followed by SEO experts.

Meta Tags SEO Templates for Product, Category & CMS Pages
<span>Meta Tags SEO Templates</span> for Product, Category & CMS Pages
Add fine-tuned Canonical meta tags
Add fine-tuned <span>Canonical</span> meta tags
Easily manage Robots Meta Header from backend
Easily manage <span>Robots Meta Header</span> from backend
Extended HTML/ XML sitemap
Extended <span>HTML/ XML</span> sitemap
Flexibly use Predefined Variables in SEO templates
Flexibly use <span>Predefined Variables</span> in SEO templates
Built in Editor for managing Robots.txt from backend
Built in Editor for managing <span>Robots.txt</span> from backend
Automatically add Unique Meta Data for each page
 Automatically add <span>Unique Meta Data</span> for each page

Magento itself comes packed with lots of SEO modules out of the box but to make it rock solid you need to have advance SEO features to boost your store's ranking, improve online visibility, help search engines to index and rank pages, optimize for specific keywords, remove duplicate content issues etc. Magento SEO PLUS is designed to be a dead-easy complete SEO extension for Magento stores - so as a Magento administrator you can optimize your store's SEO to see lots of sales happening organically. Magento SEO PLUS is #1 in comprehensiveness - it dynamically creates Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, Adds Open Graph tags (OG tags), optimizes Robots.txt, hides unwanted pages, category pages, CMS pages from sitemap, splits sitemap into multiple smaller sitemaps (as recommended by Google) and much more.

Magento SEO PLUS Features
  Dynamic CMS page title.
  Dynamic CMS page meta descriptionlates.
  Dynamic CMS page meta keywords.
  Dynamic product page title.
  Dynamic product page meta description
  Dynamic product page meta keywords
  Insert Facebook graph and twitter card on product page
  Dynamic category page title
  Dynamic category page meta description
  Dynamic category page meta keywords
  Configurable meta tag display settings
  Add Canonical URL's on all pages
  Add Trailing slashes to all SEO friendly URLs
  Add noodb and noydir meta tags
  Verification meta option for Google, Bing, Yahoo & Alexa Webmaster tools. You don't have to edit the header file to add these verification meta tags
  Option to add Google Analytics Code from SEO PLUS configuration panel
  Option to add any JS code from SEO PLUS configuration panel
  Create customizable HTML sitemap page with just a simple click
  Create customizable XML sitemap page with just a simple click
  Robots.txt editor
  XML sitemaps
  HTML sitemap s
  sitemap footer link
  Verification meta text for webmaster tools
  Add Trailing Slashes
  Google Analytics Code
  Twitter Username
  Google Publisher Page
  Exclude Noindex non content pages
  Advanced Magento Rich Snippets
  Enable SEO friendly URL for layered navigation
  SEO reports
  Solving duplicate content issue
  Internal/ external cross linking
  Import auto links
  Product reviews URL improvement

Magento SEO PLUS Best Practices

Start with a comprehensive audit of your website to identify SEO problems. Pay attention to product pages while analyzing your Magento store.

keyword research should be on the basis of relevancy, search volume, and ranking difficulty. Also opt for long-tail keywords relevant to your products.

Unique product descriptions are your opportunity to write one-of-a-kind, compelling sales copy to entice visitors to buy your products.

Product pages that feature customer reviews rank higher because Google rewards pages that are frequently updated with fresh, unique content.

Organize your product pages into categories that are easy to understand, search, and follow. Add social buttons for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. to your product pages.

Optimize your product page load times and even see a boost in Google rankings by compressing product images, implementing lazy loading etc.

Google rewards product pages that use rich snippets because the search engine’s goal is to return the most relevant search result to improve the user experience.

Add as many compelling images and videos as possible while keeping page load times in mind.

Use the following URL structure for category and product pages:

  • Category page:
  • Sub-category page:
  • Product page:

Build an internal search function that scans your site and returns the most relevant results. Use responsive design to create a smooth mobile experience that promotes conversions and sales.

Magento SEO PLUS: Common Problems, Scripts, Errors and more

Google sitemap generation for very large catalog needs memory. If you are seeing out of memory error for Sitemap try to increase PHP memory limit in php.ini file.

Magento SEOSpace FAQ's

  • Can I add category name in all products meta title?

    Yes, Magento SEO Space extension will allow you to add current category or parent category name in product meta title all at once which improve SEO for Magento store. SEO Space extension will provide predefined variables to do this easily.
  • Can I edit Robots.txt file?

    Yes, Robots.txt editor comes inbuilt with Magento Optimize SEO. The extension will check if robots.txt is present then it can be shown for editing or else SEOSpace auto generate the robots.txt file in your root folder.
  • Can I split XML sitemap for magento store?

    Yes, using this extension you can define per page entries for XML sitemap. You can control the number of links in the sitemap. Google sitemap XML documentation suggest keeping no more than 50,000 links per sitemap. Also if the size of sitemap.xml is greater than 10 MB it would be wise to break it to several sitemaps.
  • Can I hide product, category or CMS pages from sitemap?

    Yes, using this extension you can easily hide product, category or CMS pages from the sitemap.
  • Can I add canonical links to the head of your Magento Product Pages?

    Magento Search Optimization extension adds rel= “canonical” URL's to the head of your product pages. That allows search engines to avoid crawling of the same page more than once.
  • Can I add social meta data in magento seo extension?

    Yes, using Magento SEO space extension you can add facebook open Graph metadata & twitter card metadata tag.
  • Can I use different webmaster tool meta tags to verfiy site?

    Yes, using Magento SEO extension you can add facebook open Graph metadata & twitter card metadata tag.
  • How to block pages from being indexed by search engines using the "noindex, follow" meta tags?

    Yes, You can set "noindex, follow" meta tags for the category, product & some predefined pages in admin setting.

Customer Reviews

  • Very useful and powerful SEO extension Review by Naveen Joshi

    Great product and fantastic support. Has really helped solve some SEO issues we were having on our Magento store.

  • All in one SEO extension for Magento Review by Emily

    I am using SEO Plus extension on 2 of my Magento stores. Being pretty active on Facebook and Twitter this extension helps me a lot. Dynamic meta options helping me in a big way.

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