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Scrolling Cart - Magento Extension

Scrolling Cart helps you create flexible scrolling cart widget, scrolling search & back to top link.

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  • Supported Version 1.9x   1.8x   1.7x  
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How Scrolling Cart Works

Magento Scrolling Cart helps you create flexible scrolling cart widget, scrolling search & back to top link. Powerful mini Magento floating cart, scrolling search box grabs customer’s attention visitors in a very non-intrusive fashion. Magento scrollable cart instantly increase conversion and sales by providing better visibility to your customers.

Improve your store's usability with Magento Scrolling Cart

Magento scrollable cart is a dynamic cart which moves up and down with page scrolling. It's always visible on screen helping customers quickly see the items they added to cart without actually being redirected to cart.


Increase Sales via Personalised User Experience

When your customers can't physically see and touch the products you're offering online, convincing them to buy something by providing their credit card details is hard. Pricing products appropriately and delivering a user-friendly, all-around personalised experience is one way to encourage customers to put something in their shopping basket.

Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  Grabs visitors, customer's attention in a non-intrusive fashion.   Increase conversion and sales with Magento Shopping Cart Scroll.
  Ability to position ajax scrolling cart on right or left.   Ability to add search box & back to top button.
  Style magento floating cart to match your theme.   Fanatic support with 1000s of satisfied stores.

Release Note

 Version 0.3.0
- Fixed Compatibility issue with Magento CE ver 1.9.X

 Version 0.2.0
- Fixed Bug fixes and improvements
- Added Set the title to show on our cart block.

 Version 0.1.0
- Initial release

Customer Reviews

  • Great plugin and excellent sup. Review by Raj

    Great plugin and excellent sup.

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