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Magento product Recommendations helps you to improve conversation and sell more by helping your customers see awesome products from your inventory that are most relevant to them based on their past purchase history. Powerful Product recommendation engine of our extension rank products with intelligence to recommend products seamlessly.

Increasing Revenues by Creating a Personalized Customer Experience
Rank Products based on past purchase or reviews
Enhance virtual storefront & shopping experience to increase conversion
Customize as per your needs

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Personalized Customer Experience with Product Recommendations Engine

The main goal of any e-commerce website is to generate revenue and, ultimately, profit. Very similar to any conventional store, the owner of an e-commerce site has to find ways to increase traffic to the website, entice a visitor to become a (repeat) customer, to increase average order value and ultimately increase revenue. In order to achieve these objectives, Magento stores have to provide an enticing virtual store-front, engage visitors with relevant product offerings, provide an enjoyable, hassle-free and highly personalized shopping experience, and create a warm, friendly and trustworthy atmosphere that makes clients feel welcome and motivates them to come back.

One way to increase the quality of the customer experience and associated customer loyalty is to enhance the virtual storefront and shopping experience by providing personalized and highly relevant product recommendations. Our Magento Recommendation Engine will do this easily & customize as per required.

Full Feature Lists
  Recommendation engine recommends most relevant products to buyers and increases conversion.
  Create an engaging experience with magento recommendations & increase the time buyers spend on your site
  Product Recommendations are ranked and ordered intelligently based on rating & reviews
  Customize the look and feel so you can present them the way you want
  Magento Recommend Products extension is very easy to install
  Fanatic support with 1000s of satisfied Magento stores
Product Recommendations FAQ's
  • Which type of product shows in product recommendations?

    You can show products from your inventory that are most relevant to customers based on their past purchase history.

  • Can I set specific number of recommended products under admin setting?

    Yes, Using product recommendations extension you can add number of products to show in recommended block.

  • Is it possible to show recommended products for regitered user?

    Yes, using Magento Recommend Products extension you can show/hide recommend products for registered user from admin.

  • Can I show products on rating rank?

    Yes, All recommended products are ranked based on ratings and reviews on the products.

  • Is it possible to customize products recommendation block?

    Yes, you can customize recommendation block as your needs.

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