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Magento OnSale Extension

Magento OnSale is a powerful Magento extension that allows you to attract your visitor’s attention to specific products and offers by easily adding graphical labels and stickers to product images. You can easily create sales labels like "Save $20 on this item today!" or "Hurry! Limited supply!" or "Free Delivery" or any sales and promotion related stickers.

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Fortunately I get support very quickly from the Magik Team Support that help me to solve the problem. I'm very satisfied for the support and the functionality of this product that is important for extra additional field in the product page. I suggest to all to purchase this product.
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Support team is awesome and i got the extension working perfectly in few hours. I have high regards for their support team and i must admit they are way too different then the other Magento solution providers/vendors who take days to respond even for your simplest requests.
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Build A "Smarter" Store with Magento OnSale
  • Instantly create & apply attractive Magento promotional labels
  • Customize text, color and design of Graphical Labels
  • Setup intelligent promotions based on rules
  • Save time when running seasonal or product-based promos
  • Measure and optimize your promotions easily
  • 6 label positions supported out of the box
OnSale Features
  • Sell More

    With our Magento onsale extension, you can create highly attractive labels and stickers for your products that are on sale to highlight discounts & promotions and sell more.

  • Apply To Products

    You can add Magento Promotional Labels and stickers to individual products and group of products that are offered at a discount and specify the text and discount amount or use a function provided in the extension.

  • Highlight Entire Categories

    You can also highlight entire category of products by enable the Onsale extension at the category or sub-category level and all products in that category then display the sale stickers.

  • Choose Positions & Variables

    Magento Graphical Labels extension supports 6 different positions and choose variables to define the on sale labels that are applied to the products.

  • Compatibility

    Our Magento onsale extension is compatible with Community Editions: 17x, 1.6x, 1.5x and Community Editions 1.4x.

  • Fully Customizable

    Our Magento extension for displaying products on sale is fully customizable. You can choose from a wide range of images and colors for the sale display or even create your own, as desired.

  • Dead Easy

    Magento Product Labels extension is dead easy to install and use. Its designed with the native Magento store interface in mind and allows you to be up and running within minutes.

Seasonal Promotion with Magento OnSale
  • For online e-commerce stores offering time based discounts can be an extremely effective way to get people to take action and move the needle when you need to. Putting an expiration on your discount leverages scarcity which is a powerful psychological sales trigger. Magento OnSale extension allow to promote or highlight your products which are available for sale with overlay a sale stickers or graphical labels on top of product images. Magento Product Labels can be customized to meet your special offers.

    • Attract customers to offers with nice graphical label images
    • Increase conversion rate by promoting products
    • Customize as per your needs
    • Easily run seasonal/holiday promotions
OnSale Magento Module FAQ's
  • Can I overlay a graphical labels on top of product images that are displayed on category pages?

    Yes, Magento Onsale extension will allow you to overlay slaes stickers or graphical labels on product images with predefined positions like top left, top right etc.

  • How to display sale items only?

    You can create a seperate category for sale items. Apply the On Sale settings to this catgeory so only sale items are visible on the site.

  • Can I use custom label images?

    Yes, Magento Promotional Labels extension will allow you to use custom label image.

  • Can I apply the promotion for entire category in one stroke?

    Yes, Magento Sale labels extension will allow you to apply promotion on entire catgory. You can also override the catgory promotion for any particular product filed under that.

  • What possible text I can add in product labels or magento sale stickers?

    Onsale extension enables store owners to write promotional labels or sale stickers over their products with texts like "Save $10", "10% Off", "Hurry up! 3 Items left!", "Only 3 days" with predefined variables. All variables are calculated for each product individually and automatically.