Layered Navigation Pro - Extension

Layered Navigation Pro - Magento Extension

Magento Layered Navigation Pro is one of the complete Magento extensions that creates flexible and user-friendly advanced layered navigation for custom filters.

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How Layered Navigation Works

Magento Layered Navigation Pro adds the feature in Magento store which gives customers a comfortable and efficient way to search the store catalog by providing filters for the product category, price range, color, brand or any other custom attribute. Typically, large stores have thousands of products buried under hundreds of categories. Assuming that customers will search and filter such product is a myth. Ajax layered navigation makes it easy to find a product based on price range, category, or attributes

Ajax Custom Filter for Better Product Visibility

It's imperative for a store to showcase, display customer's desired products as quickly as possible to keep them engaged. Give them the option to filter by what interests them, whether it's price range, manufacturers or other using Layered Navigation Pro


Increase sales with Narrow search results

There is any number of things you may introduce to improve the way customers browse your store, but the most effective adjustment is the introduction of Layered Navigation. The extension adds a navigation menu and allows customers narrowing search results down to relevant items which lead them to purchase immediately

Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  Ability to search/filter multiple selections of available attributes   Customize price slider with color & image
  Ability to upload image for each attribute options   Show/hide checkbox, image for available attribute options
  Ajax Custom Filters & SEO layered navigation   Fully customizable Ajax loader message with multiple options

Release Note

 Version 0.2.0
- Fixed minor bugs & speed improvements
- Fixed the issues with paging.

 Version 0.1.0
- Initial release

Customer Reviews

  • A must-have add-on right from the start! Highly Recommended Review by Jeren

    A must-have add-on right from the start! Highly Recommended

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