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Extra Fee - Magento Extension

Magik Extra Fee is the most powerful and feature rich extension for creating flexible extra fees

Extra Fee - Magento Extension
Extra Fee - Magento Extension
Extra Fee - Magento Extension
Extra Fee - Magento Extension
Extra Fee - Magento Extension

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90 Day (Included)
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  • Version 1.9x   1.8x   1.7x   1.6x   1.5x
  • Compatible Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera etc.
  • Documentation Yes
  • Includes 3 months free support
    30 day money back guarantee!
    6 months free upgrade

Product Description

Magik Extra Fee is the most powerful and feature rich extension for creating flexible extra fees and additional charges ( like Gift Wrap, Insurance, Rush Delivery etc.) for Magento-powered stores.

Instantly create Gift Wrapping premium service
Experiment with pricing to maximize revenue
Create multiple Gift Wrap options at different prices
Create a new revenue stream today
Instantly create rush order fee
Create multiple rush order options at different prices
Experiment with pricing to maximize revenue
Create a new revenue stream today

Full Feature Lists
  Option to apply different fee on individual product, specified categories, order or shipping.
  Extra fee amount can be either fixed or percentage off the product cost.
  Ability to create unlimited number of categories.
  Every individual product have “Magik Fees” tab on “Add/Edit Product” page to apply extra fee.
  Enable/disable bredcrumbs while adding post.
  Option to apply Flat Fee.

Flexible extension and brilliant support

Magento Extra Fee is the most powerful and feature rich extension for creating flexible extra fees and additional charges ( like Gift Wrap, Insurance, Rush Delivery etc.) for Magento-powered stores.


Change Log

Magento Extra Fee 4.0

  • Added support for multiple stores
  • Added support for multiple languages
  • Added support to create orders from backend & can use product & category type fees

Magento Extra Fee 3.0

  • Added support for creating Flat Fee
  • Added support to apply fee on order total
  • Added support to create orders from admin & use product & category fees
  • Fixed bug related to custom option while editing from cart

Magento Extra Fee 2.0

  • Added support to apply fee on products & categories
  • All product & category type fees can be mandatory or optional
  • Apply multiple fees for product as well as category
  • Fee details are now passed via emails and displayed under order review (Admin side)

Magento Extra Fee 1.0

  • Ability to create either mandatory or option fee
  • Ability to create fee that can be fixed or percentage off amount
  • Added optional fee as checkbox for customers to select

Magento Extra Fee 0.1.0

  • Admin users can add extra fees during checkout
  • Only fixed & mandatory fee is applied

Extra Fee FAQ's

  • Can I apply an extra fee from the backend while creating an order?

    Yes, with our Magento extra fee extension you can apply product or category type extra fee from admin backend. You can use this approach when creating an order for a customer from the backed. You will need to have defined the particular extra fee in the front end though.
  • Can I apply an extra charge on the entire order?

    Yes, you can apply a fixed or percentage based fee on an entire order which will be listed in the order total box on cart page. This fee can be mandatory or optional.
  • Can I apply shipping insurance as a checkbox in the shipping area?

    Using our Magento additional charges extension you can define a "shipping type" fee which appears in the shipping are and you can define the fee to be mandatory or optional based on your business rules. The fee is then displayed in the shipping section.
  • Can I apply more than one fee to a particular product?

    Yes, you can apply multiple extra fees and additional charges to any product in your Magento store. In additional extra fees defined for Magento categories are also inherited by the products.
  • How to translate additional fee names into different languages?

    Translating fee names in different languages is possible with extra fee. If you run multiple stores in different languages you can easily create store specific fee names that will be applied to particular language store.
  • Can I charge one time setup fee for all products under any or all categories?

    Yes, you can charge one time setup fee using Magento extra fee. E.g. If one time "setup fee" is $10, then if someone buys 2 products (any quantity) from your store the extension will charge additional $20 for this transaction.

Customer Reviews

  • user icon Awesome Support, Great Extension Review by Regina
    I was having problems as some of my extensions were having a conflict with Extra Fee. Magik team helped me resolved those issues quickly and help me get up and running.

    Great support, you guys are my one stop shop for Magento extensions.
  • user icon EXCELLENT Review by Marco
    Awesome, in the same day the support team do ALL the job about my payment gateway "Pagseguro". Extension usability very nice too.
  • user icon Excellent Support Review by SpyderZ
    Dealing with a client website that is heavily customized and had some initial install problems. Sent an email to support and had a response back in less than 5 minutes. Support totally gave us the right information to correct the issue to make everything work. Highly professional and fast. Will do business again for sure. --Brad
  • user icon Great support and fast mail response ! Review by Dave
    I had some issues installing the module, working with magento and a custom theme.
    But support took over the installation issues immediately.

    Excellent mail support, thank you Magik !
  • user icon Excellent support and extension Review by Jan
    I had some issues installation the extension myself, but Magik have been providing assistance with the installation in a fast and professional way. The extension itself works great.

    I will recommend the extension and service any time.
  • user icon Good product and quickly professional support. Review by Rosario
    I purchased this module that work properly in default magento checkout but doesn't work with one step checkout ( easy checkout extension ) customized installed in my magento.
    Fortunately I get support very quickly from the Magik Team Support that help me to solve the problem.
    I'm very satisfied for the support and the functionality of this product that is important for extra additional field in the product page, in the cart and in the checkout page near the shipping method.
    I suggest to all to purchase this product.
  • user icon Ditto on the Execellent Support and Product Review by Joan M
    The Extra Fee module worked as specified - and as needed (most important!) I did have a cosmetic problem with respect to another Magento extension, and the Magik Support Team was VERY timely (even though they are like 10 time zones away!) and did a great job fixing the problem. I definitely agree that the support team is EXCELLENT. Thank you Magik Commerce!
  • user icon Support For Enterprise Edition Review by Ju Lim
    As per their feature list this extension wasn't supporting Enterprise Edition. As i loved the extension way too much, i emailed the support team whether they will help me configure the extension on EE.

    Fortunately, their support team is awesome and i got the extension working perfectly in few hours. I have high regards for their support team and i must admit they are way too different then the other Magento solution providers/vendors who take days to respond even for your simplest requests.

    Now, the extension is supporting EE but my case was handled before they opened support for EE.
  • user icon Excellent Support and Great Product Review by Mike Fisher
    I had this situation where i wanted to charge my customers a one time setup fee regardless of the quantity purchased. After installing the extension i inquired whether this is possible.

    Support guys responded nicely and pushed the functionality quickly in their next version. This is what i call EXCELLENT SUPPORT.

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