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Create extra fees and additional charges for premium services and options in minutes. Display these extra charges on product, listing, checkout and cart pages to encourage buyers to opt for them and grow revenue on every order.
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Grow Revenue on Every Order with Extra Free Extension

Our Extra Fee extension is the most comprehensive and scalable Magento extension to design a wide range of extra fees and charges for premium services that you can offer to your shoppers. Choose from our recommendations and create new fees based on your own use cases.

Rush Delivery

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Fragile Packaging



Customization Fee

Payment Method Fee

100s of Use Cases

Extra Fee & Charges for Rush Delivery

One of the biggest needs online shoppers face is that of receiving their items early and that is an ideal need to create “extra fees and charges” for rush delivery / expedited shipping. You can offer multiple extra fee options for same-day delivery, next day delivery and so on. Our Magento extension can do it all - and is dead easy to use.

Charge Extra for Gift Wrapping

A good percentage of all online purchases is for gifting and that makes it ideal to offer your online buyers a gift wrapping option. Charge extra fees for different types of gift wrapping. You can keep it simple by offering a flat price or give 2-3 gift wrapping options for the buyer to choose from.

Charge Extra Fees for Insurance

Expensive items like TVs, cameras and laptops are ideal for offering insurance protection to your online buyers. They’d happily pay a few extra bucks to ensure that their high ticket items are protected from damage with a simple insurance. Again, offer a flat fee insurance or variable one depending on what it covers. Get this extra fee Magento extension to make it all a breeze.

Packaging Fees

You can often charge extra fees for packaging for a items based on the item category. Fragile items and furniture can be apt for these but it may also work for a wide range of other items. Offer these and see which buyers opt-in. Its super easy to setup with our extra fee Magento extension.

Embossing Charges

Items like iPods and iPhone and many others are ideal to offering embossing and such services to buyers. You’ll see a lot of them opting is for embossing a customized message on items for a small fee. And its a cool way to add a useful service and increase your order value. Our extra fee Magento extension can help you set it up in no time.

Installation Fees

When selling TVs, furniture and several other item categories, you can extend a professional installation service to your buyers for a small fee and you’ll be surprised how many buyers buy it - its super useful and buyers love a trusted provider. Try it with our extra fee Magento extension.

Customization Charges

Have a product that can be customized? Products where your buyers can tweak it a bit? That is a perfect category to offer customization for an additional fee. Personalization is a huge need in ecommerce and buyers won’t mind spending a few dollars for this. Download this extra fee Magento extension and contact us for help in setting it up, if you face a problem.

Extra Charges by Payment Method

A well know and common case in point - merchants charge extra if paying by American Express. With our extra fee Magento extension, you can now offer a wide range of payment methods and introduce an extra charge when paying via a particular payment methods. And its a breeze to setup, too.

Designed for Unlimited Use Cases

We have designed our extra fee Magento extension to be truly scalable to support the widest range of uses cases for creating additional charges and extra fees - if you can think it, we can do it. And we are here to help too - simple email us at with your need and we can help you model it.

Full Features

Magik Extra Fee is the most powerful and feature-rich extension for creating flexible extra fees, surcharges, special charges for services.

Rush Delivery + Insurance + Gift Wraps + Installation + 100+ Use Cases.

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Take a look at a live demo of the Extra Fee Magento extension here and explore its different features. If you have any questions about a certain feature or how to model a particular extra fee you have in mind, email us at

Installation & Support

Installation is an important part of a product and we take it very seriously. We have created an easy to understand installation manual to download, install and configure our Extra Fee Magento extension so you can be up and ready and live asap. If you face any problem, simply email us at and we will resolve them right away.

Installation Doc.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Support, Great Extension

    I was having problems as some of my extensions were having a conflict with Extra Fee. Magik team helped me resolved those issues quickly and help me get up and running.

    Great support, you guys are my one stop shop for Magento extensions.

    - Regina

    Awesome, in the same day the support team do ALL the job about my payment gateway "Pagseguro". Extension usability very nice too.

    - Marco
  • Excellent Support

    Dealing with a client website that is heavily customized and had some initial install problems. Sent an email to support and had a response back in less than 5 minutes. Support totally gave us the right information to correct the issue to make everything work. Highly professional and fast. Will do business again for sure. --Brad

    - SpyderZ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply an extra fee from the backend while creating an order?

Yes, with our Magento extra fee extension you can apply product or category type extra fee from admin backend. You can use this approach when creating an order for a customer from the backend. You will need to define the particular extra fee in the front end.

Can I apply an extra charge for the entire order?

Yes, you can apply a fixed or percentage based fee on an entire order which will be listed in the order total box on cart page. This fee can be mandatory or optional.

Can I use shipping insurance as a checkbox in the shipping field?

Using our Magento additional charges extension you can define a "shipping type" fee which appears in the shipping area and you can define the fee to be mandatory or optional based on your business rules. The fee is then displayed in the shipping section.

Can I apply more than one fee to a particular product?

Yes, you can apply multiple extra fees and additional charges to any product in your Magento store. In addition, extra fees defined for Magento categories are also inherited by the products.

How to translate additional fee names into different languages?

Translating fee names in different languages is possible with Extra Fee extension. If you run multiple stores in different languages you can easily create store-specific fee names that will be applied to particular language store.

Can I charge a one-time setup fee for all products under any or all categories?

Yes, you can charge a one-time setup fee using Magento extra fee. E.g. If one-time "setup fee" is $10, then if someone buys 2 products (any quantity) from your store the extension will charge additional $10 for this transaction irrespective of quantity purchased.

Release Note

We are releasing new updates and fixes to our Magento Extra Fee extension very often and you can see a full release log right here. Have any questions? Email us at

 Version 4.0.0
- Added support for multiple stores
- Added support for multiple languages
- Added support to create orders from backend & can use product & category type fees

 Version 3.0.0
- Added support for creating Flat Fee
- Added support to apply fee on order total
- Added support to create orders from admin & use product & category fees
- Fixed bug related to custom option while editing from cart

 Version 2.0.0
- New Added support to apply fee on products & categories
- New All product & category type fees can be mandatory or optional
- New Apply multiple fees for product as well as category
- New Fee details are now passed via emails and displayed under order review (Admin side)

 Version 1.0.0
- New Ability to create either mandatory or option fe
- New Ability to create fee that can be fixed or percentage off amount
- New Added optional fee as checkbox for customers to select

 Version 0.1.0
- New Admin users can add extra fees during checkout
- New Only fixed & mandatory fee is applied

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