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Extra Fee - Magento Extension

Extra Fee - Magento Extension

Magik Extra Fee is the most powerful and feature-rich extension for creating flexible extra fees, surcharges, special charges for services like gift wrap, rush order, insurance, hazmat, printing, embossing, overweight baggage, warranty, branding, packing, handling or anything you need.

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  • Supported Versions 1.9x   1.8x   1.7x   1.6x   1.5x
  • Compatible Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera etc.
  • Documentation Yes

How Extra Fee Works

Gift wrapping is one of the most popular services leveraged by online shoppers globally as a good percentage of items purchases are gifted to friends and family. With our Magento Extra Fee extension, you can create an optional premium service like gift wrap or gift wrapping (you can actually name it the way you want), instantly. It allows shoppers to get their ordered items nicely gift wrapped which are ready to be gifted. You can create multiple types of gift wrapping options for different pricing as well. The possibilities are endless - and it's a new revenue stream you can enable right away.

Apply Extra Fee for Rush Orders

Customers who need items last minute or want to get their products right away can use rush orders. These orders are especially common around the holidays when customers need to have the products before a certain date.


Surcharge Orders with Installation Charge

Pass on expensive payment provider fees or installation fees to customers in an easy and transparent way, without increasing your product pricing.

Charge Embossing Fee for your products

Make your products stand out with embossed effect with additional smaller emboss fee. Give your customer an option to buy embossed products with additional charge at the time of purchase so when the product is delivered it will be embossed with selected print or design.


Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  Create extra fees for product, category, order & shipping   Make fees mandatory or optional
  Create fees for a fixed amount.   Create fees based on percentage
  Create fees for different shipping options   Apply extra fees to an individual products
  Apply extra fees to a category / sub-category   Apply multiple fees on a single product.
  Apply extra fees on entire order / cart total.   Apply extra fees from admin backend
  Support for multiple languages   Use for gift wraps, insurance, rush delivery etc.
  Powerful reporting to review extra charges   Fanatic support with 1000s of satisfied stores

Release Note

 Version 4.0.0
- Added support for multiple stores
- Added support for multiple languages
- Added support to create orders from backend & can use product & category type fees

 Version 3.0.0
- Added support for creating Flat Fee
- Added support to apply fee on order total
- Added support to create orders from admin & use product & category fees
- Fixed bug related to custom option while editing from cart

 Version 2.0.0
- New Added support to apply fee on products & categories
- New All product & category type fees can be mandatory or optional
- New Apply multiple fees for product as well as category
- New Fee details are now passed via emails and displayed under order review (Admin side)

 Version 1.0.0
- New Ability to create either mandatory or option fe
- New Ability to create fee that can be fixed or percentage off amount
- New Added optional fee as checkbox for customers to select

 Version 0.1.0
- New Admin users can add extra fees during checkout
- New Only fixed & mandatory fee is applied

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Support, Great Extension Review by Regina

    I was having problems as some of my extensions were having a conflict with Extra Fee. Magik team helped me resolved those issues quickly and help me get up and running.

    Great support, you guys are my one stop shop for Magento extensions.

  • EXCELLENT Review by Marco

    Awesome, in the same day the support team do ALL the job about my payment gateway "Pagseguro". Extension usability very nice too.

  • Excellent Support Review by SpyderZ

    Dealing with a client website that is heavily customized and had some initial install problems. Sent an email to support and had a response back in less than 5 minutes. Support totally gave us the right information to correct the issue to make everything work. Highly professional and fast. Will do business again for sure. --Brad

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