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Discounts & Promotions - Magento Extension
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Discounts, On Sale & Promotions - Magento Extension

Discounts & Promotions is a Magento extension for creating deals, discounts, daily offers and promotions of all kinds.

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Magik Discounts & Promotions is a Magento extension for creating deals, discounts, daily offers and promotions of all kinds. You can create and customize discounts as you need and drive increased conversions and sales.

Nice graphical labels, stickers to attract customer's attention
Customize as per your needs
Increase conversion rate by applying promos or discounts
Easily run seasonal/holiday promotions or daily deals

Full Feature Lists
  Create unlimited number of discounts and promotions.
  Customize the position and look and feel od daily deals.
  Create promotions for individual products.
  Experiment, track and optimize your discounts without Magento discount coupons.
  Create and apply magento discounts to entire categories and sub-categories.
  Fanatic support with 1000s of satisfied stores.

Increase Sales By Offering Discounts with Magento Discount & Promotion Module

Marketing and promoting a website is critical to the success of any web store. For online e-commerce stores offering time based discounts can be an extremely effective way to get people to take action and move the needle when you need to. Putting an expiration on your discount leverages scarcity which is a powerful psychological sales trigger. Magento Discounts extension will help ecommerce websites drive traffic, increase conversions and average basket size.

Magento Discounts & Promotions FAQ's

  • Can i set discount in percentage with this extension?

    Yes, Using Magento discounts & promotions extension you can offer discount either by fixed or percentage amount. It will automatically apply active discounts without actually creating discount coupons.
  • Can i apply the promotion for entire category in one stroke?

    Yes, Magento discounts & promotions extension will allow you to apply the discount rules, sale labels to entire catgory. Also you can override the catgory promotion for particular product.
  • Can i use custom label images?

    Yes, Magento discounts & promotions extension allows custom sale label images, stickers.
  • Is it possible to set product promotion for particular dates?

    No, Magento promotion extension does not works on date range.
  • Can I display product "stock or quantity left" label?

    Yes, You can show product stock quantity label for products in your store. Extension will provide some predefined variables that can be used to create promotional stickers.
  • Can i apply tiered discount on product?

    No, current version of extension does not support tiered discounts.

Customer Reviews

  • support Review by shorabh

    hi the magik team is very good and smart team solve my problems in just 20 minutes that is great good job team carry on


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