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Magento  Database Backup Extension

Magento Database Backup Extension

Magento Database Backup is a Magento extension that allows store owners to automatically backup entire Magento store database and save it on a predefined folder, email archive, ftp location, Amazon S3, Google Drive, or DropBox.

We have built the most comprehensive yet simple product to help Magento store managers to create forms on the go and capture leads and feedback from buyers.

Scheduled backup magento database at different places
Automatically backup on S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox
Automatically remove older database archives, backup files
Customize as per your needs

Disaster Recovery with Magento Database Backup Extension

All online businesses are aware that over a long period of time, something is bound to go wrong in a way that corrupts or deletes important data. Automatic SQL/MYSQL backup strategy is an essential part of every business’s disaster recovery plan. It is important to backup your databases on a periodic basis.

While most web hosting companies will keep a backup of your data, it's not wise to rely on a single backup. It's much safer to have multiple backups that are kept in different locations: perhaps backup to Amazon S3 account, Skydrive,, Google Drive or in secure storage in your offices. Magento db backup extension can periodically back your databases in all those different places automatically with just few configurable steps.

Full Feature Lists
  The most comprehensive magento backup extension.
  Configure to save backup to Amazon S3.
  Customize the frequency with scheduled magento database backups.
  Configure to save backup to Dropbox account.
  Magento automatic SQL backup to your defined service directory
  Configure to save backup to Box account
  Magento automatic SQL backup to your defined service directory
  Configure to save backup to Google Drive in your gmail account.
  Use an external FTP server to save your backup.
  Manage backup archives by defining delete frequency / logic


Magento Database Backup Extension FAQ's

  • Can I backup my magento database on a defined schedule?

    Yes, with Magento database backup extension you can define the backup settings once and the extension automatically does the rest - on the defined schedule, it creates full backup of your Magento store's database and saves in predefined locations.

  • How often can I backup my Magento database?

    With Magento Sheduled Database Backup extension, you have the flexibility of defining how often you'd like to backup once, after that the extension backs up your full database based on defined interval.

  • Can I get my Magento store's database in an email as an attachment?

    Yes, that is the simplest way of getting / storing your Magento db backup. However, you must first verify the file size limits of your email providers as large files may be rejected by your email server.

  • What alternatives do I have to store my Magento SQL backup file?

    You can choose to store the backup of your Magento store in your email, on the same server as your store, on a FTP server or on external services like Amazon S3 backup, backup to Dropbox, Box Backup or Google Drive backup.

  • Do you recommend storing my store backup on same server running Magento?

    No, ideally we would recommend that you keep your Magento store backup on a separate location to protect against fatal server crashes. This way even if your server goes fully down you have your backup ready somewhere else.

  • Can I restore database backup with this extension?

    No, Current version does not support restore database backup feature. This feature will be coming soon in next version.

  • Can I have Magento Automatic Store Backup using this extension?

    No, current version of extension only supports backup MYSQL databases. Automatic store backup with files,folders, images etc are coming soon in next version.

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