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Magento Database Backup - SQL Backup & Recovery Magento Extension

Magento Database Backup is a comprehensive database & recovery extension for your Magento store to automatically backup your store's database to the cloud of your choice.

Magento Database Backup - SQL Backup & Recovery Magento Extension
Magento Database Backup - SQL Backup & Recovery Magento Extension
Magento Database Backup - SQL Backup & Recovery Magento Extension

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  • Compatible Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera etc.
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Magento Database Backup Overview

Backing up your Magento store is critical to ensure that you back recover from any fatal server crashes or hacking incidents and get back online with your store and experience quickly. Magento Database Backup is designed to be a dead-easy db backup extension for Magento stores - so as a Magento administrator you can define your backup plan and see it all happen automatically on the schedule you have defined to the cloud you have chosen. Magento Database Backup is #1 in comprehensiveness - it backs up the database and save it on a predefined folder, email archive, ftp location, Amazon S3, Google Drive, or DropBox. It can also help in minimizing the fallout if the store has been compromised to quickly roll back Magento store on last good backup.

Magento Store Backup Features

  • Upload database backups to Google drive
  • Upload backups to
  • Upload db backups to Dropbox
  • Upload store backups to Amazon S3
  • Upload backups to FTP
  • Upload to SFTP
  • Upload database backups to Local storage
  • Automatically remove old database archives, backup files
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Magento automatic SQL backup
  • Backup email notification

Magento Database Backup Best Practices

  • Offsite backup reduces the risk of losing data or file by saving database backup copy on a server that is physically situated in other data center/city/country/on some other continent.
  • Avoid saving backups on the same server that hosts your Magento store.
  • Setting up CRON to periodically save the backups is critical.
  • Periodically restore from old database backups to verify the backup integrity.
  • Periodically plan a mock restoration & recovery exercise on a sandbox server.

Magento Database Backup: Common Problems, Scripts, Errors and more

  • Dropbox and have specific restrictions regarding file size and number of calls. Ensure you have enough space available to support your database backup.
  • Ensure free space on the server not less than the size of the backup.
  • Older archives not being deleted: Ensure the script has proper ownership rights to delete older files.

Magento Database Backup Restore & Rollback

To restore Magento shop from backup, you have two options that requires you to transfer Magento backup back from your FTP or Cloud account to your local machine or server.

Option 1. Magento db backup through phpMyAdmin

  • Use FTP to download the .gz backup from /var/backups/ or download it from Cloud Server set up in the backup profile. If you store more than one backup, choose the necessary file by the creation date.
  • Login to phpMyAdmin
  • Navigate to store’s database
  • Click the Import tab
  • Click the Browse button, find your .gz file on your computer, and hit Go.

Option 2. Magento backup ssh to server

  • Here’s another option for those who have a large database and shell access (SSH).
  • Login to your SSH account (this can be done using PuTTY or KiTTY)
  • Navigate to the var/backups folder in your Magento installation (make sure the DB backup .sql file is in the right folder).
  • Enter the following line:
    gunzip < your backup.sql mysql -u root -p magentodb
  • Console will ask you for the username’s password. Input username password and press Enter – the process of backup import will start immediately.

Magento Database Backup: Going Live

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  • user icon A must-have add-on right from the start! Highly Recommended Review by Jeren
    A must-have add-on right from the start! Highly Recommended.

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