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Magento Daily Dashboard Extension

Magik Daily Dashboard is a single daily magento dashboard email that shows all the key metrics for all your stores in a simple dashboard, that you can customize as you want. Its helps you stay on top of your ecommerce business.

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Fortunately I get support very quickly from the Magik Team Support that help me to solve the problem. I'm very satisfied for the support and the functionality of this product that is important for extra additional field in the product page. I suggest to all to purchase this product.
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Support team is awesome and i got the extension working perfectly in few hours. I have high regards for their support team and i must admit they are way too different then the other Magento solution providers/vendors who take days to respond even for your simplest requests.
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Build A "Smarter" Store with Daily Dashboard Extension
  • Get store updates with Magento Daily Email without login to admin
  • Minimum intervention, just configure it once and receive daily custom reports in your email
  • Readymade Insight for your business with Magento Daily Dashboard
  • Ability to set store specific email report or consolidated report of all stores
  • Get alerts of low stock products by setting quantity threshold
  • Easy configuration from admin
Daily Dashboard Features
  • Stay on top of your business

    Magento Daily Dashboard brings together all the critical ecommerce store metrics in a single email that helps you stay completely in control of your business in the easiest way possible.

  • Readymade Insight

    Magento Daily Reports presents the most insightful numbers to all the store managers, which drastically cuts the time they need to spend on pulling these numbers everyday.

  • Customize & Configure

    You can configure and customize Daily Dashboard as you need and set parameters based on your business needs and constraints.

  • Single & Multiple Stores

    Magento Dashboard Extension can be configured to show metrics for just one store or all of your stores together. Each store can have its own set of parameters defined too.

  • Tracking & Alerts

    Magento Daily Custom Reports will alert you about specific factors as they happen so you can be ahead of things.

  • Dead Easy

    Our Magento Daily Email is dead easy and yet flexible enough to make it the only thing you need everyday to control your business.

Monitor Products report, Sales with Daily Dashboard
  • Selling on-line? Get your dashboard report in email, wherever you are. Store owner may have lot of questions in his mind how are my sales going today? What have I sold since the last time i checked? What are my total sales across all my sales channels? Which products are selling well today? All these questions are answered via custom daily dashboard email. Magento Dashboard Email is readymade insight of sales for your business

    • Readymade insight of sales for your business
    • One time setup & use forever
    • Reports are generated and emailed at pre-defined interval
    • Fully customizable from admin panel
Magento Daily Dashboard FAQ's
  • Can I see magento daily reports of search terms sorted by date range?

    Magento daily dashboard extension shows top & recent search terms without date range. You can set counts of search terms sent in email.

  • Can I create sales reports by 'custom attribute' or sales by category?

    Daily Dashboard extension does not allow creating reports by custom attributes or categories out of the box. A customization would be required in this case. You can see the product reports or sales matrix like best selling products overall sale for tha day etc.

  • How to change CRON setting for magento dashboard email?

    To change CRON settings for email you have to go to "app/code/community/Magik/Magikemail/etc/config.xml". Change CRON job in cron_expr tag.

  • Can I send daily report to multiple email addresses?

    Yes, using Magento daily email extension you can send daily report to multiple comma separated email addresses.

  • Can I see Magento Abandoned Cart Reports?

    No. Magento abandoned cart reports features will be coming soon

  • Magento dashboard extension support multistore?

    Yes, using magento daily dashboard extension can create magento product report storewise.