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Custom Forms - Magento Extension

Magento Custom Forms - Custom Form Builder Magento Extension

Magento Custom Forms is a comprehensive custom form builder extension for your Magento store to quickly create web forms right from Magento admin panel and analyze form fills by customers.

Use Custom Form to build Feedback Form
Use Custom Form to build <span>Feedback Form</span>
Use Custom Form to build Job Application form
Use Custom Form to build <span>Job Application</span> form
Use Custom Form to build Contact Us form
Use Custom Form to build <span>Contact Us</span> form
Unlimited forms creation from backend
Unlimited forms creation from backend
Custom Form Configuration Settings
Custom Form Configuration Settings
Customizable form appearance from backend
<span>Customizable</span> form appearance from backend
Easy-to-use backend form builder
<span>Easy-to-use</span> backend form builder
Collect and Analyze information in backend
<span>Collect and Analyze</span> information in backend

Magento Custom Forms is a perfect solution for designing, creating and managing multiple web-forms on your Magento site. Magento Custom Forms is designed to be a dead-easy form builder extension for Magento stores - so as a Magento administrator you can design your own form, add fields (input box, text box, text area, radio buttons, checkboxes and even file attachments) and see the form fills by your customers. An easy-to-use backend form builder visual editor gives full control over the content and appearance of a form. Custom Forms is #1 in comprehensiveness - it lets you create customized forms for feedback, help surveys, questionnaire, satisfaction surveys and much more. You can add any number of fields, apply input validations, mark any or all of them mandatory.

Magento Web Form Features
  Create unlimited forms
  Append form links in navigation bar
  Display captcha to prevent spam
  Append form links in customer's "My Account" section
  Customizable Error & Success messages
  Customizable redirect path post custom web form submission
  All valid HTML form fields can be designed
  Enables you to quickly way rearrange form fields
  Email notification post form submission
  Form submission data via email
  Extensible block code that can be added on any page
Magento Custom Forms Best Practices
  Always display visible labels for each field.
  Always use big font so even those who can't read from distance can see the form fields.
  Always use clear and precise error message to help customer filling up the form.
  Make it clear what's optional and what's mandatory.
  Analyze few form fills to figure out if there is any confusion on form fields.
Magento Custom Forms: Common Problems, Scripts, Errors and more
  Copying correct block code is vital since that code needs to be correctly pasted on your desired page which will display the configured form.
  Captcha is capable of filtering out spam attempts, you are open to change to Captcha of your choice.
  Any number of forms can be designed and created there is no limit to either form of block codes.

Customer Reviews

  • Great Support ! Highly recommended! Review by Vladimir

    Thankfully i haven't faced any install or configuration related problems (which is rare in case of Magento extensions). I highly recommend this extension to all those who do not want to waste their precious time on installation issues.

  • Very good module Review by Chritina Martin

    Our customer wanted a custom form functionality which allows them take customer's personal information for their wedding registry services. Magento custom forms is what suited us best. Support team helped us setup the module in less than 20 minutes. Highly recommend :)


  • Solved my problem in 5 minutes Review by Richard

    I really needed a customizable solution for my Magento store that can handle my very specific requirements. This extension worked beautifully without any hiccup.

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