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Magento Countdown Timer Extension

Magento Countdown Timer Extension

Magento Countdown Timer is the #1 extension for adding a backward countdown to your products, categories or your entire store. Adding a countodwn timer creates a sense of curiosity and urgency in the minds of your visitors and can lead to a dramatically higher conversion rate.

Add Magento Sale Countdown to your store
Attract customers & boost sales
Keep store up-to-date by disabling expired, outdated products
Customize as per your needs

Attract additional attention to your promotions with Countdown Timer

Online store owners often have a need to track product sales and promotions by highlighting product and let customers know that a certain product is on-sale for only few days by specifying magento product expiry dates. After the declared time limit the offer no longer applies & sale ends. Magento Countdown Timer extension is a perfect motivator. The sense of urgency helps customers take their decision to buy such products much faster. When Magento timer stops, the product is automatically set to disabled state which in turn disable magento store. You can also set the timer for entire category or single product.

The extension is extremely helpful, when you need to change your "store window" and delete outdated or expired products. What's best is that you can enable the timer for entire store.

Full Feature Lists
  Create unlimited number of magento sales countdown or magento deals countdown.
  Enable magento countdown timer for categories or individual Product.
  Count Hours, Minutes, Seconds In Reverse Order to Zero.
  Allows you to manage magento product expiry dates for promotion.
  Enable countdown timer for store.
  Countdown for Sales, Deals, Registrations or any other purposes.
  Create Magento Deals Countdown for products & disable magento store by disabling products.
  Fully customizable through Admin Panel.
  Attract customers to place a magento order with remaining time left.


Magento Countdown Timer FAQ's

  • Can I create a repeatable countdown timer for magento?

    Yes, Magento CountDown Timer extension will allow you to create a repeatable countdown timer for magento which reset after hourly, daily, weekly & monthly etc.

  • Can I display end time for categories?

    Yes, you can display the magento countdown timer for categories. When timer ends all products in that category are automatically disabled which in turn disable magento store.

  • Can I create separate deals countdown for each product in same category?

    Yes, you can create seperate timer for seperate products within same category. You can also assign category specific timer to all products with an exception of few products having their individual timers..

  • Can I customize the look & feel of timer display?

    Yes, you can customize the display of timer from admin to fit it according to your theme. You can add your own custom css for your timer.

  • Can I move products to out of stock after time left?

    Yes, You can move products to out of stock after magento product expiry dates.

  • Any conflict with other extension or jquery?

    No, Magento deals countdown does not conflict with other extension/jquery.

  • Can I show timer in a CMS page?

    Yes, with magento sales countdown timer you can add block code in a cms page.

  • Can I change timer format of magento countdown timer for any store?

    Yes, you can choose different timer format for differnt stores.

  • Can I set countdown timer for new releasing offer?

    No, Magento countdown timer shows remaining time left to attract customers. It will follow order within time left.

  • Can I set a price countdown for a product?

    No, magento price countdown is not available in current version. We are releasing it soon.

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