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Top-rated Magento Clothing Themes & Templates

#1 Responsive Multi-purpose Magento Themes

Magento Clothing Store Themes & Templates

Are you running a Magento based clothing website & looking to give your store a new look? Then you must take a look at our top selling multi-purpose Magento themes & templates that are apt for your Magento clothing store. Get any customization you want done from our Magento Experts & email us for any questions at

What are Magento Themes?

A theme is a combination of layout, template & skin file(s) that create a visual experience for your store. Magento allows a user to load multiple themes at once, and therefore distinguishes themes into two types:
  1. Default Themes - Every Magento interface is loaded with a built-in default theme, which is the main theme of a Magento Interface. You you assign this interface to your store, the application searches for this 'defaultk' theme and automatically loads it to the front end. In order to customize your Magento store, you need to either modify the default theme or create a new theme which is non-default. To run a store without errors, the default theme must contain all the required layouts, templates and skins.
  2. Non-Default Themes - A non default theme is defines as a customizable theme which may contain as many or as few theme files as required for your store. These themes are required for temporary or seasonal design changes. With these non-default themes you can easily transform your usual store to a unique Christmas store without having to create a whole new default theme. Updating a few images and some CSS does the thing for you.

What should we take into account when selecting a Theme for your Online Magento clothing store?

One of the best ways to select a theme for your Magento clothing store is to select a template that is close to what you want your site to look like. Then check if its design can be tailored to meet your requirements. Unfortunately, there are thousands and thousands of Magento clothing templates and finding one for your site can be a daunting experience.
The main pages that a Magento theme displays are :
The Home (main) page
The Category page - with a list of sub categories - with a list of products
Search result page (list of products)
Product detail page
Other Pages like About us, Contact us, terms, etc.

Ideally, the Magento clothing theme you choose should look professionally designed and should compliment what you are selling. The second thing to look for in a Magento clothing theme is the ease of use, navigation and conversion. Another important thing to look for in a Magento clothing theme is that it should be SEO optimized for your store to rank better in search engine results. Last but not the least, it should be upgradeable, so that when you upgrade your Magento, the themes should be compatible with it. Below are some of the basic things that you must take into account while selecting a theme for your Online Magento clothing Store.

Look & Feel: We believe that a good design encourages the visitor to spend more time on your website. A sleek & a classy look also gives an impression that you are a well established site and they can rely on you to deliver your best. A good site design also helps build trust between visitors and you. So, the design should therefore be what your target audience / customers should expect and like, and may not necessarily what you like or prefer.
Navigation : Another very important aspect to look for when you select a Magento clothing theme is the ease of use. Navigating through a website should be easy and not confusing. It is very important to create a navigation plan first and then add products. It is necessary to decide what data to hold for each product and what data to use to help visitors find a product. In Magento a product may not necessarily be sitting is a hierarchical category. Instead, it can be found using layered navigation. Layered navigation helps filtering large product lists into a more defined, refined & manageable display. Layered navigation also eliminates the need for complex menu structures.
Search Engine Optimized : It is very crucial in terms of your website rank, traffic & performance. Magento is said to have various SEO friendly features. However, this is only as good as the content. The Magento theme that you select must have just one main heading i.e. (h1) and the heading should be the main subject of the page. For a category page, the subject should be the category title and similarly for a product detail page, the main heading should be the product title. As far as the search pages are concerned, it is better to use search term as the page heading. Another very important point to consider here is that the navigation links should be “NoFollow” in case of layered navigation. If this is not done, it may result in 'duplicate content'. These are some of the basic SEO related points that should be kept in mind when you select a Magento clothing theme.
Upgradeable : Make sure that the Magento clothing theme you select should be available on the Magento versions that you use. Or the themes should be compatible with the version you upgrade to.
Help & Support : It is also one of the important aspects to look for. What kind of support does your supplier provides, go through their testimonial and see what kind of experience other users have had with the supplier. Whether they just offer 3-6 months of support and upgrades, or do they offer any kind of guarantee that they will allow you to download any future versions of the clothing theme when Magento is upgraded.

The Magento clothing theme which fulfills all these or most of these criteria should be your ultimate choice.

Featured Products Extension for Magento Theme

A featured product extension is one of the most required and requested extension in Magento themes these days. It empowers you with an ability to show 'featured products' on your store frontend. The basic idea here is to choose products manually that should be displayed on the homepage or on a separate page as 'featured products'.

From the Magento admin panel you choose which product is to be diaplayed as a featured product and then depending on your configuration, the selected products can be showcased on a separate page / URL like or any other block on your Magento Clothing store.

Setting up Recommended Products in Magento

Most of the Magento clothing store owner these days insist to showcase their special or recommended products either on their home page or on the product detail page. The 'recommended product' extension helps you to improve conversation and sell more. The extension suggests products which are most relevant to your visitors. This suggestion is based on their past purchase history. Magento doesn’t provide this as a default feature. Fortunately, there are many Magento extensions available which will do the job for you. If you have 'recommended products' section on your clothing store, you will definitely keep your visitors engaged for long. It also helps you improve conversions, make shopping personal and save time by adding personalized product recommendations to your Meganto Store.

Magento Color Picker Extension:

Magento color picker is a very useful extension for a Magento store. It enable Magento users as well as visitors to pick products in colors of their choice. For example if the Magento store owner has a range of products displayed on his website, a visitor or an interested buyer can choose to buy products which are black in color. Similarly with a color picker extension a seller does not have to upload tons of images to display different color options anymore. Color Picker Magento extensions provide a high customization with distribution. You will be able to configure swatch box sizes and their tooltip options view from the Magento admin panel. The system will then generate appropriate thumbnails with selected sizes, so you don't have to worry about cropping and resizing images for each option.

The color picker extension help buyers to narrow down their search results where as sellers can broaden their product range while displaying products in all available colors. It saves their navigation & search time which they spend looking for a product in specific color. This extension is specifically useful for fashion, apparel, shoes, handbags & clothing stores. So, if you are running any of these Magento stores, the Color Picker extension should immensely help you increase sales.

Why responsive themes are better for your eCommerce business?

Online shopping is easy and convenient as compared to the conventional ways of shopping. More and more people these days are buying products online through laptops, desktops, mobiles & tablets. Keeping this fact in mind, that your website is browsed on a laptop, a desktop computer, a tablet phone and a mobile phone, your website has to be responsive so that it is compatible & easily accessed on all these devices. There are more than 261 million mobile phone users in America, out of which 66 million users shop online using their mobile phones. And the number of these online shoppers is increasing month on month.

Responsive design have made it possible that the website adapts and changes according to the device it is being browsed on. However, there's still a debate going on that whether creating a mobile version of a website is better or making is responsive is better. For those who wants to know why responsive themes are better for your business, read on the following reasons:

  • Responsive magento themes & websites are easy to manage.
  • Here, one website codebase is compatible with all the devices. A responsive degign can offer a great user-experience on different devices and screen sizes.
  • Google also recommends to make use of responsive webdesign as it is compatible with all devices. Doing so will help you attract more visitors to your site.
  • Making your website responsive decreases the bounce rate.