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Bulk Product Manager - Magento Extension

Bulk Product Manager - Magento Extension

Magento Bulk Product Manager drastically reduces store management time which store admins spent on managing products, relating products, assigning attribute set, categories, cross sell, up sell etc.

Separate Product Grid Tab in admin for Bulk Product Manager
Separate Product Grid Tab in admin for <span>Bulk Product Manager</span>
Quickly Assign or Remove multiple products from one or more categories
Quickly <span>Assign or Remove</span> multiple products from one or more categories
Populate Magento Related Product blocks quickly
Populate Magento <span>Related Product</span> blocks quickly
Copy and Spread custom options between products
<span>Copy and Spread</span> custom options between products
Easily assign Attribute Sets to multiple products
Easily assign <span>Attribute Sets</span> to multiple products
Faster way to populate Related, Cross-sell or Up-sell blocks
Faster way to populate <span>Related, Cross-sell or Up-sell</span> blocks

Magento Bulk Product Manager is a simple and intuitive, yet efficient extension to enhance your online store’s product management possibilities. Save up to 95% of the time store owner spend on managing products in Magento store. Magento Bulk Product Manager empowers store owners to update product information within few clicks. Magento store owners can easily use the extension to take mass action on products, mass relate products, update products by attributes in bulk, bulk assign or any kind of bulk actions on products. Product management becomes faster and easier with Bulk Product Manager.

Magento Bulk Product Manager Extension Features
  Bulk assign, relate, remove one or more categories with products.
  Bulk assign Up Sell, Cross Sell or related products to one or more products.
  Mass remove selected products link from all Up sell, Cross sell or related products.
  Bulk copy custom options from selected product to another.
  Bulk attribute change, attribute assignment of selected products.
  Use for mass product actions, bulk product relator, bulk product update etc.

Efficient Inventory Management with Bulk Product Manager

Magento stores having large inventory often needs the system which helps them take mass product actions for various requirements. Mass product manager helps store owners to update products in bulk for assigning categories, creating custom options or any other monotonous tasks. Bulk product update manager saves admin’s valuable time by doing such tasks in bulk. Use Bulk Product Manager for Magento and apply these changes in bulk across your entire catalog. Magento Mass Product Update helps you complete such routine tasks in few seconds.

Bulk Product Manager FAQ's

  • Can I assign the product to more than one category at a time?

    Yes, using the extension's bulk product update option you can assign a product to more than one category at a time. Similarly, you can also remove the product from a particular category.
  • Can I change Product Attribute set programmatically?

    Yes, you can use the extension to change bulk attribute sets programmatically.
  • Can I bulk relate, up-sell or cross-sell products on my Magento store?

    Yes, the extension plays nicely as bulk product relator or bulk assigning that can be used to assign related, up-sell or cross-sell products. Alternatively, you can bulk remove these relations in few seconds.
  • Can I copy custom options from one product to another product?

    Yes, Magento bulk product actions helps you to perfectly copy product custom options from one to another.
  • How can I mass delete specific products?

    No, Magento bulk product manager does not have the option to delete specific products. Mass products delete is the default feature of Magento.
  • Will this extension remove default Magento bulk actions like Delete, Update Attributes etc. after install?

    No, Magento Bulk Product Manager extension will not remove any default Magento bulk actions like Delete, Update Attributes. The extension will create its own new tab under which you can have a separate product grid for filtering products. The extension will not affect anything under Admin > Catalog > Manage Products.

Customer Reviews

  • Great plugin and excellent support. Review by Raj

    Great plugin and excellent support. I had some issues installing the module, but support took over the installation issues immediately.

    Excellent mail support, thank you Magik !

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