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Checkout Pro - Magento Extension

One Step Checkout Pro Magento Extension

Magento Checkout Pro is a perfect one step checkout solution for Magento stores that enables customers to purchase products with just one click. It dramatically reduces and combines multiple checkout steps into one page.

All-In-One Checkout Page
<span>All-In-One</span> Checkout Page
Auto AJAX Updates for shipping, payment & order review section
<span>Auto AJAX Updates</span> for shipping, payment & order review section
Manage Different Layouts & Design Styles from backend
Manage <span>Different Layouts & Design Styles</span> from backend
Show/ Hide or Rearrange address fields from backend
Show/ Hide or Rearrange address fields from backend

One of the driving factors behind shopping cart abandonment is the inconvenience of going through multiple steps enforced by Magento. Default flow of Magento eCommerce expects the customers to follow 6 steps to finalize their order. This is where one step checkout pro extension comes handy, it drastically reduces the checkout steps and combines them all in one single screen without actually modifying the core Magento files. Such Magento express checkout systems are known to increase revenue and customer retention by reducing the number of steps (forms) to a bare minimum.

Checkout Pro has a proven record for increasing conversion and revenue. It offers a fully responsive layout for the checkout page that can quickly integrate within any Magento store. Increase your online conversion rate and eCommerce revenue with Magento one page checkout extension. Our fully responsive checkout is optimized for simplicity and expedite the purchasing process.

Magento One Step Checkout Pro Extension Features
  Boost sales by reducing frictions that cause abandoned carts
  Quick Checkout with an Ajax Popup for Login & Forgot Password
  Provides all information in one page
  Prevents the trouble of going back and forth when following steps
  Enables customers to jump to important fields
  Enables administrators to define form fields
  Administrators can mark form fields as optional
  Administrators can completely disable any form field from configuration panel
  Administrators can define page tile, meta description and keyword for check out page
  Administrators can define border and background colors of check out page
  Administrators can define default payment gateway
  Administrators can define default country
  Administrators can allow/deny guest checkout
  Administrators can show/hide newsletter subscription
  Administrators can show/hide comments block
  Administrators can allow/deny cart link
  Administrators can show/hide coupon box option
  Administrators can manage country, city, address, zip, phone and fax fields
  Administrators can define TOS content within checkout page
  Dead-easy & flexible admin interface
  Fanatic support with 1000's of satisfied stores.

Simplify checkout process with Magento One Step Checkout Pro

Many customers abandon their carts at the checkout page due to a complicated checkout process. Some customers might have enough motivation to purchase regardless of how difficult it is - but others will be lost due to check-out complexity. Magento one step checkout extension simplifies this complex checkout process, leading to increase your store's conversion rate.

You can quickly eliminate irrelevant form fields and keep the essential ones i.e. billing address, shipping and payment method that is much easier for your customers to purchase from your store.

Magento Checkout Pro FAQ's

  • Can I use default payment and shipping methods in your one-page checkout extension?

    Yes, Magento quick checkout uses same internal functions of Magento checkout process. It will display all activated & configured payment and shipping methods.
  • Can I add Terms and Condition popup in checkout?

    You can add Terms & condition popup. You can also define TOS content, popup width, popup height etc.
  • Can I set single/multi lines address field in checkout page?

    Magento one page checkout allows you to set a number of lines for address field in checkout via admin settings.
  • Can I display only selected shipping/billing fields in checkout?

    Yes, Using Magento checkout pro extension you can show or hide shipping and billing fields.
  • Is Magento one page checkout extension compatible with a responsive layout?

    No, Magento Express Checkout extension is not compatible with a responsive layout. The responsive feature is coming soon in the next version.
  • Can i disable Magento Checkout Pro extension?

    Yes, Magento Checkout Pro extension is shipped with an option that can be used to disable or enable entire express checkout functionality with one single click.
  • Can I use discount coupons before the place order?

    Yes, Using Magento checkout pro you can use coupon code & update your order review block.
  • Can I set checkout as guest?

    Yes, Magento checkout pro extension allows checkout as the guest. It is available under Admin - System - Configuration - Magik checkout pro - General setting- Allow Guest Checkout - select Yes - save
  • I want to show the 'Sign up for newsletter' on the checkout page?

    Yes, You can show newsletter subscription checkbox on the checkout page from admin setting.
  • Is the One Step Checkout extension good for Magento store?

    Magento checkout pro extension which expands all checkout steps and displays them on one page, so that your customers know in advance what fields they’d have to fill out It really helps to increase the sales and helps your customers to make the checkout process easier.
  • How to show Gift Messages?

    To enable the "Gift Messages" option go to System - Configuration - Sales / Sales - Gift Messages.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfectly handles VAT and Taxes Review by Stacey Farell

    One of the best module to handle my complex VAT and Tax structure. Thanks for all the help guys. Keep it up!

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