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Buttercup Pricing Table

Buttercup Pricing Table is a Responsive vertical coloumn based Pricing plan design HTML which can integrated into various popular platform. With negligible customization you can integrate this great looking pricing plan HTML into your custom application as well.

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100% Responsive Design

This Pricing Plan is designed and tested to be 100% responsive so it works & displays flawlessly
on all types of devices including smart phones and tablets.
100% Responsive Design

Automatic Screen Size Adjustment

This Pricing Plan is structured so that it automatically adapts to the screen size of a device being used without any distortion of any of the theme elements.
Automatic Screen Size Adjustment

A Complete & Comprehensive Pricing Plan

This Pricing Plan comes with a comprehensive layout that is complete with all possible elements you may want in your site.
A Complete & Comprehensive Pricing Plan

Best Practices

  • Communicate not too much and not too little - This pricing table design help you define your plan in best possible manner
  • Communicate the basic differences, not similarities of your plans
  • This pricing plan template make the prices stand out with utmost clarity.
  • Default plan is highlighted to attract the customer's attention.
  • Consistent pricing plan design to integrate within your great looking application.
  • Customizable background colors can clearly seperate out the products/plans.
  • Currency is displayed to avoid confusion.
  • Friction such as FUDs – fears, uncertainties, doubts. are tackled by showing precise details.

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