How To Append Additional Fields In Magento’s Default Contact Form?


Magento itself provides a lean Contact Us form which can be used by customers to contact the store owners. But, what if you want to take additional inputs from your user? Customizing Magento Contact Us form is one of the most common request any Magento developer recives. So, here is an easy way of appending/inserting more fields to customize Magento Contact ...

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Is Your Magento Store Already Responsive and Device Ready?


Not too long ago, a majority of sites were spending thousands of dollars to have mobile friendly, mobile ready interfaces for their primary websites. These mobile sites (typically were specifically build to support as many mobile devices (based on resolutions) as possible. Eventually, big stores due to different screen sizes ended up creating different mobile versions to support more and ...

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5 Quick Magento Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

Customize a Magento Store.

If you are looking to customize your Magento store or theme, a majority of times you ought to do very specific tasks. I am listing few of them below. I hope you will love this series and will find out most common solutions to most common Magento tasks. How to display category title only on sub category page in ...

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How To Remove Category Title From Category Listing Page in Magento Template


By default Magento displays category title on category listing page which has it's own advantages. But if you are looking to remove the category title which appears on category listing page in Magento template due to some customization requirements you do can that easily. Just go to app/design/frontend/default/Your_Theme/template/catalog/category/view.phtml file and find the following lines of code which you should comment out...

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How to Remove Estimate Shipping Box From Cart Page In A Magento template


Estimate shipping box is a nifty Magento feature which allows your customers to estimate the shipping cost involved in different shipping options. A large scale Magento store shipping to remote & distant areas needs this functionality for sure. I remember those Xcart and Zencart days when we have to make this feature for few customers (back then there wasn't a module ...

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Magento Themes: 10 Free Magento Themes & Templates

Magik Appy FREE Magento Theme & Template

This Festive season, MagikCommerce is offering it's premium themes for FREE. We are showcasing 10 premium quality FREE Magento themes & Templates below. These high quality Free Magento themes can be customized to any store's requirements. 10 FREE Magento Themes, Templates for 2012 - 2013 1. Magik Fard Magento Theme Magik Fard Magento theme is for you especially ...

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How To Increase Your Order Value with Extra Fee Magento Extension


Did you know that one of the best kept secret for increasing your average order value is offering buyers additional options or premium services? With the right set of options, you can easily tempt your buyers to avail of the premium services and add-ons and increase your revenue per order. Its what Apple does when it offers you Apple Care (insurance), and ...

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Is Your Magento Store Being Penalized For Duplicate Content?

Magento Store Being Penalized for Duplicate Content

There is no denying that Magento is now one of the leading e-commerce platform. Unfortunately, generalized settings pose a serious duplicate content issue which needs to be resolved otherwise it may invite penalties from search engines like Google. We have noticed that a fair percentage of Magento store owners focus ...

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Magento SEO & Performance Mistakes Which Invite Penalty

Magento SEO Mistakes, Magento Performance Mistakes

If you are running a Magento store, by now you must have noticed the importance of SEO and performance. If you haven't configured the default Magento options chances are you must be getting penalized. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules or tools to see for which mistake your Magento ...

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Ultimate Magento SEO Checklist – Magento SEO Mistakes

Magento SEO Checklist

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one the most important factor which influence perspective customers, a better ranking store will get good number of customers despite competition. Having said that, i know it’s not an easy task to optimize a Magento store for better SEO. There are many loop holes (default settings) in Magento which needs to be tweaked ...

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How To Add Custom Ajax Tabs On Magento Go Product Details Pages

Magento Go Custom Tabs

Magento Go is a hosted platform to run Magento stores safely, quickly and reliably. Unfortunately, in the initial phase many store owners who opted for Magento Go couldn't make the desired changes the way they use to do in self hosted Magento versions (i.e. Community or Enterprise Editions). What if you have to add some more tabs (Custom ...

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How To Migrate Magento From Development To Production Servers

Magento Migration From Development To Production Servers

Migrating Magento from Development (Staging) to Production (Live) is a challenging tasks especially if you haven't done it before. Learn the painless Magento migration from Development to Production servers. For moving magento from development to live server you need to upload your magento directory to live server and then change the db configuration from "app/etc/local.xml" to ...

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How To Display Out Of Stock Products & Stock Information In Magento


Since Magento uses stock information In Stock and Out of Stock to show products on a Magento store unless specified otherwise. This default directive prevents it from showing any products that do not have inventory associated with them. This will pose a problem in two specific scenarios i.e. Pre-selling products won't be possible since ...

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How To Prepare Your Magento Store For Holiday Peak Loads

Preparing Magento to handle holiday season traffic peaks

Magento store owners spend numerous hours on customer's experience, nice layouts, handy extensions to cater customers requirements with a goal to make overall customer's buying flow better and smooth. You don't need to read a study to figure out that stores having much higher traffic have much better conversions and revenue. Unfortunately, they tend to ignore one of the most important thing "Holiday season peak load". ...

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Magento Tips: Exploring Magento Frontend & BackEnd


There are several cool things which you can do with Magento. Here are few Magento problem statements and their solution. How to display the list of categories in Magento theme's footer This is pretty simple, all you have to do is call this neat little function in you footer file...

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How To Display Product Reviews on Product Page in a Magento Theme


Product reviews helps in boosting customer's confidence in your product. No points for guessing why they are one of the primary driving force behind conversion. Amazon is a great example of product reviews where a majority of the products are sold due to efficient reviews posted by their consumers. To show the review form and product reviews on product ...

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5 Simple Ways To Properly Customize A Magento Theme


All Magento themes are built keeping generic features in mind, but to make a brand name you have to customize your Magento store to match with your requirements and preferred look and feel. I am going to give you 5 simple ways to customize a Magento theme. I am assuming that you are using fresh Magento copy on your server. Magento Customization Tip ...

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Why Your Magento Store Needs A Custom Design, Template, Skin


Unless you are a big brand like Amazon or eBay with millions of customers there is always a probability that your existing store design is not perfect and there is a great margin of improvements. We have noticed that many store owners are still using default Magento designs i.e. Modern Theme. Well, there is nothing wrong in using default Magento ...

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