Extra Fee Magento Extension – Additional Charges Extension

Magik Extra Fee Magento extension enables store owners to add/apply unlimited Extra Fees, additional fee for Gift Wrap, Rush Orders or any other optional/mandatory fee on products.

Magik Magento Extra Fee is the most powerful and rich features Magento extension for creating flexible extra fees and charges in your Magento-powered online store. Magik Extra Fee is designed to be very easy to use so as you create and apply new fees and charges you can easily keep track and manage them. Extra fee and charges can be added at the product, category and shipping levels and configured to be optional or mandatory based on your needs.

Extra fee can be a fixed amount or a percentage so you can flexibly address all possible scenarios. You can create as many extra fee as needed without any constraints and we have design the display of the fees at all the right places in such a way that your customers can clearly see what the fees are for and how they are added. Get started with our extra fee module for your Magento store and create overnight shipping extra fee, gift wrap extra fee, insurance extra fee, rush orders and more. With Extra Fee Magento extension you can:

Create Extra Fee for Products

You can create extra fee at the individual product level in your Magento store with the Magik Extra Fee extension. This allows you to add extra fees for certain products and not other. For example, some products which are fragile may have an extra fee for insurance which a customer may choose. Creating extra fees at the product level allows you to offer additional services to your customers while empowering you with new monetization options.

Create Extra Fee for Categories

You can create extra fees at the category level within your Magento store so the fee is applies to all products within that category (as well as sub-category). This is a very useful feature that allows you to create an extra free for an entire group of products at once and manage it a lot more easily than having to create it one by one for each of the products.

Create Extra Fee for Sub-Categories

Magik Extra Fee extension also allows you to create an extra fee or charge for a smaller set of products within a category that are define with a sub-category. In this case, the extra fee appears on all products that belong to the particular sub-category only. The extra fee that is applied at the sub-category level does not appear at the category level products at all.

Create Extra Fee for Shipping

Creating a wide range of shipping options is a awesome way of servicing your customers effectively while create new revenue streams for your Magento store. Our Magento Extra Fee extension allows you to create one or more shipping related extra fees as required and they all appear in the shipping section in the shopping cart display.

Multiple Extra Fee

You can create multiple extra fees for any product. Any one product may have a product-level, category-level, sub-category-level and shipping level extra fees associated with it and while this can get complicated our Magento Extra Fees extension is designed to be dead easy to use and manage.

Manage your Extra Fee

You can manage all your extra fee from a single place in your Magento store administration panel. Simply go to the Magik Extra Free tab and you can add, edit or delete the extra fees in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, the extension is designed with ease of use in mind so it is very easy to understand all the fees that may have been created in your Magento store over a period of time.

Fixed or Percentage

You can define your Magento extra fee as a fixed amount or as a percentage allowing you flexibility to choose the option that is most appropriate for your needs. These two options cover the most wide range of extra fee requirements we have come across in interviewing customers. If you need any other type, you can email us at

Mandatory v/s Optional

Another important feature of our extra fee extension is that every extra fee that is defined at the product, category, sub-category or shipping levels can be made mandatory or kept optional. This covers all sorts of scenarios you may encounter in your online business for charging additional fees.

Free Extension Updates

We will support Magento Extra Fees extension for 6 months after purchase. If you find any bugs or errors within the magento extension, contact us via email and we will get them resolved quickly. If you have any questions about the compatibility of our Extra Fee Magento extension with other third party extensions, please contact us at

Magik Fees extension is very easy to use which gives options to site owner so that they can add any number of extra fees in billing, which is further goes to payment gateways and visible under order entry.

Magik Magento Extra Fee Extension Features

  1. Comprehensive extra fee extension
  2. Dead easy to use
  3. Compatible with 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.x (Need extra steps)
  4. Create extra fee for products
  5. Create extra fee for categories
  6. Create extra fee for sub-categories
  7. Create extra fee for shipping
  8. Make extra fee mandatory or optional
  9. Easily manage any number of extra fees
  10. Extra fees is displayed on all pages as needed

Magik Extra Fee Demo & Downloads

Extra Fee Demo | Download Extra Fee Magento Extension

Screenshots: (Click on the images to see the large preview)

Please leave me a comment and let me know if your run into any problems in installing and using our Magik Extra Fee Magento Extension. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates delivered to your mailbox for free.

  • laProbeta

    Nice extension, but after installing magento-community/MagikFees-0.002 on Magento, going to “Magikfees; Manage Fees” and trying to “Add New Fees” nothing happens.

    FF 3.5.7 does nothing and IE 7.0 shows “Please, wait…” JavaScript box indefinitelly. No error or normal entry can be seen at apache error or access logs.

    I've also tested that clearing var/cache and var/session and refreshing cache doesn't solve this.

    ¡Thanks a lot!

  • John — Joomla Developer

    Thanks for this.

  • MagentoMagik

    There was a bug in the earlier release which was having some conflicts with the other files. We have resolved the issue now.

    Try downloading the extension again from Magento Connect and give it a try. It should work well.

  • MagentoMagik

    Thank you for liking our site and extensions. Sign up our RSS to receive latest updates delivered to your mailbox.

  • laProbeta

    Yes, MagikFees-0.003 solved it!

  • laProbeta

    We can only see ” + incl. of Extra Fees” in the shipment comments both at the store frontend and backend… How can client/admin know which fees have been applied to the order?

  • MagentoMagik

    Great, let me know your experiences.

  • magik_Tejas

    We have release MagikFees-0.004(beta). This extension release will display the fee titles which are applied to the order in frontend & backend. Try downloading the extension from Magento Connect & let me know your experience.

  • Arianne

    After installing Magik fees Version 0.004 the frontend doen't work correct. The shoppingcart function is corrup!! Doesn”t work at al!
    I tried to uninstall the extension but is still is not working.
    Can anyone help me please!!!!

  • magik_Tejas

    Hi Arianne,

    Can you tell me which magento version you are using?

  • Arianne

    Magento versie

  • magik_Tejas

    Hi Arianne,

    I have tested it on same version & it's Working fine for me. May be some thing else cause your cart to go down or try clearing your cache.

  • Arianne

    Yes, the probem is solved. It was caused by an other application!
    Thank you

  • Arianne

    Yes, the probem is solved. It was caused by an other application!
    Thank you

  • oursgris

    there is a problem
    we should choose which vat status it is related
    i have to apply another vat rate of the shipping cost


  • Arianne

    When I click on the button 'Ad new fees' I don't get a form to add a new fee but the error page of my website.

  • seopilot

    Thank you this nice post.

  • mike

    yes i have the same problem, also shows a 404 page

  • MagentoMagik

    We have revamped lot of code in this extension please download the latest copy which should resolve this problem.

  • Kunjesh Sukhadia

    Great Work! Thanks for sharing work and experiences.

  • HyS

    Is there a way to set up a fee for each product in the cart? For example, if a shopper has 5 items in his cart, and he wants to add a $5.00 gift wrap fee for 2 (specifically selected) products in the cart.

  • HyS

    Also… Is this compatible with Magento 1.4.1?

  • Anonymous

    Hi HyS,

    Currently this extension will add fee to the total of all items in the cart. There is no way to add fee separately for each product.

  • Anonymous

    Yes this extension is compatible with Magento 1.4.1

  • Twisteddiana

    Great extension. You saved my life.

  • starcraft 2 hack

    I think the only disadvantage of using ASP.Net here is that it kinda slows down the processing unlike PHP. Just what I’ve encountered.

  • Attarias

    I’m on 1.4.1 and the extra fee appears on checkout page but the amount is not added to the shipping cost. Don’t know what to do..thanx for your help

  • Real Estate Exam

    A setting to choose between Fixed price and Percentage would make this perfect.

  • Areneros


  • Mark

    here it says this is free but when you click to download it is $49?

  • Lul


  • James Shelton

    I’m having trouble getting this extension to work, I’ve installed everything to the proper directories, all the menus show up in the admin panel, but when i try to create a new fee, i get this message upon save:

    Undefined index: tax_apply in
    on line 95

    Has anyone had this problem or know of a solution??

  • Anonymous

    Please check notices & warnings error reporting is enabled on your server. Disable it & check.

  • Magento Modules

    i think its not free!

  • diwrac

    how to download free extension  

  • McPherson

    I am using it since the early days when the early beta of Magento Extra fee was for FREE.

    Later, they have made it a paid product for $99. Based on new features i can say the price is just.

    To answer your question: I don’t think they are providing Magento Extra fee for FREE anymore.

  • Ryan

    diwrac don’t bother bout buying this extension they have lousy support and won’t honor their 30 day refund policy.. thankfully there are other extensions that offer this functionality and are made by reputable developers who have products that work as advertized.

  • Jeremy Blake

    Like what?

  • Vatsala

    Hello ,

    I want to use this extension but I am having one doubt..This extension will work for configurable products or not ?? As I am having products whose size and usage changes..according to that price changes..So I want to apply sharpening service of some % of product price..Is it possible with this type of products

  • Harley

    Really quick customer service, great product, well worth the price!

  • chloenguyen

    is this extension free?

  • Martin Downer

    I have a requirement to add a fee to an order on large product items.
    It is a $15 fee per order if an item over 54″ in length is added to the cart.
    I don’t want this to be itemized as an addon, just added onto the shipping fee. Can you do this with this plugin?