Magento 2 Installation with Composer For CentOS & Ubuntu

Installing Magento 2 On CentOS or Ubuntu Using Composer

Unlike its predecessor Magento 2 seems far better and in sync with latest PHP development best practices. But for those who always install a software using setup wizards Magento 2 could be little different and somewhat confusing. The following guide will help you setup composer, install Magento 2 community edition and dependent libraries on your ...

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Top 10 OpenCart SEO Tips for a Successful 2015


Worried about what’s going on in OpenCart SEO world? Which OpenCart SEO tips to follow to do better in SEO rankings? Whom to trust and how to draft a SEO strategy so things don't backfire? Well, we can’t deny what’s goes in a OpenCart store owners mind when it comes to SEO implementation. Proper SEO can miraculously boost sales and conversion; it can ...

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OpenCart SEO Best Practices For Success


So you run your store on OpenCart, great choice since it's easy to setup and configuring it for better SEO is even easier. In this article lets only focus on OpenCart SEO and OpenCart SEO tips or as often called OpenCart SEO techniques that can be done in the following ways: Step 1: Generic SEO No different than any other SEO, generic SEO has ...

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How To Correctly Setup & Configure Robots.txt In OpenCart?


Robots.txt ("robots dot txt") is a text file that helps search engines like Google, Bing to understand what information on a particular site needed to be indexed. You can read more about robots.txt by clicking this link. Robots.txt is a critical file for the success of any store. Why you need Robots.txt file? Robots.txt file should ...

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How To Setup SEO Friendly URLs In OpenCart For Success


SEO Friendly URLs helps search engines spiders to know more about the content as well us it's easier for users to remember the page. Proper SEO Friendly URLs helps indexing a lot better and faster manner whereas a suboptimal URLs may miss the SEO juice when due. Many SEO specialists already verified that the ...

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OpenCart SSL Certificate Installation Tutorial


The main purpose of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is to keep all the sensitive information that transmits over internet encrypted in such a way that only intended receipt can decipher and understand it. Since information that is sent over internet hops from computer to computer and nodes to nodes so keeping the integrity and security is of ...

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How to fix “Please make sure your password match issue” in Magento

Recently we have found an issue with the latest Magento version. The user may get this error at the checkout or from the 'Create an Account link'. When a user registers, he keep getting the password mismatch error even though the password is entered & re-entered correctly. The default Magento form validation does not indicate a miss-match, but once a user clicks on 'Register' it returns the mismatch error. ...

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How To Enable Remember Me Functionality in Magento?

The “Remember me” functionality in Magento is not enabled by default. You will have to enable it form the Magento admin panel. The process to do so is quick and easy. Here's how you can enable Remember me functionality To enable it go in System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Persistent Shopping Cart -> General Options -> Enable Persistence. Here, select Yes from select box and click “Save Config” button. Now ...

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How to solve errors if any with Magik OpenCart Theme Installation


Since, many our new customers don't have Oreveride Engine installed they many face few issues with some of our themes. Notice: Undefined property: Loader::$load in /public_html/catalog/view/theme/lamby/template/common/header.tpl on line 293 Fatal error: Call to a member function model() on a non-object in /public_html/catalog/view/theme/lamby/template/common/header.tpl on line 293 Don't worry, it's neither too big an error nor a theme bug. As we use Override engine to build our ...

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Magento SEO – Tips To Best Optimize Your Magento Store

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as we all know holds similar importance to an online store as food to human body. This analogy fits perfect why? Because human body needs food to function ergo to stay focused ergo to work harder to succeed or compete in life. Speaking about websites, perpetual SEO is required to stay on top of  the search results on different search engines (like Google, Yahoo). Let us keep ...

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How to Install vQmod in OpenCart?


vQmod (Virtual Quick Mod) is a popular extension / module that allows you to make changes without actually modifying the core files. This will help developers to alter core files without actually editing them. All changes are saved in a temporary file which is substituted for the original during the execution. The original source file is never altered. This results in ...

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How to Install A Magento Template?

In this Magento template tutorial we will explain you how to install Magento template and enable it on your store's frontend. Being the very first step towards building your online Magento store, installing Magento template is not that difficult after all. In fact there are 2 ways in which you can accomplish this one simple task. Also it entirely depends upon the availability and quality of the particular template. If the template ...

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How to move OpenCart website from one domain to another?


OpenCart is one of the simplest e-commerce platforms to build an online store. OpenCart offers you an 'easy-to-work-with' code-base with which you can get an e-Commerce site online, quickly. If you are looking for a safe way to move OpenCart website from one domain to another, follow the process below. Here are the steps to migrate / move OpenCart website to a new ...

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How to Install OpenCart Theme?


Having a great-looking and unique OpenCart website has never been easier before. Simply choose any of our OpenCart Themes that you would like to have on your OpenCart website. We have used 'Override Engine' for our themes. Installing an OpenCart theme onto your website is easy & hassle free, just checkout the video below to learn How to install OpenCart ...

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Magento Missing Thumbnail Image for Category

The latest Magento version removes the feature of adding thumbnail image for category in Admin Panel. If you are using default Magento sample data, then it will add the category thumbnail attribute. But most of the time store owners do not use 'Default Magento sample data' & add their own category & products. Most of the custom themes will use this feature to display the category thumbnail image in navigation ...

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How to disable all local modules at once in Magento?

The day to day Magento development might need you to troubleshoot some issues with custom modules or local Mage overrides. One such issue that you may encounter quite often is 'disabling local Magento modules' at once. If you are looking to disable all local modules at once for debugging, we can easily do that in the local code pool by editing app/etc/local.xml and setting the disable_local_modules node to true as follows ...

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How to fix Fatal error: Class ‘Namespace_Module_Helper_Data’ not found error?

The "fatal error: Class 'Namespace_Module_Helper_Data' not found" usually occurs after installing the third party extensions, in admin panel with a blank screen. This error occurs when the compilation is enabled while installing the 3rd party extension. Following are the steps to resolve"fatal error: Class 'Namespace_Module_Helper_Data' not found" error 1. Make sure you install the extension when compilation is disabled in Magento admin. 2. To check whether compilation is enabled or disabled, go to Admin ...

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How to Change Cart Page Layout in Magento?

Sometimes your Magento Theme is a 2 column layout but your cart page is just 1 column, by default. So, if you are looking to change cart page layout or want to add a left / right sidebar on your cart page, here is how you do it. Magento will set the template for the cart in checkout.xml layout file under <checkout_cart_index> section. To change cart page layout, look for the ...

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