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Magento Backup PLUS - Cloud Backup Magento Extension

Magento Backup PLUS is a comprehensive cloud backup extension for your Magento store to automatically backup your full store including database, store and files to the cloud of your choice.

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  • Supported Version 1.9x   1.8x   1.7x
  • Compatible Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera etc.
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How Backup PLUS Works

Backing up your Magento store is critical to ensure that you back recovery from any fatal server crashes or hacking incidents and get back online with your full store and experience quickly. Magento Backup PLUS is designed to be a dead-easy full backup extension for Magento stores - so as a Magento administrator you can define your backup plan and see it all happen automatically on the schedule you have defined to the cloud you have chosen. Magento Backup PLUS is #1 in comprehensiveness - it backs up the full store, database, all files and saves it to a predefined folder, email archive, FTP location, Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox. It can also help in minimizing the fallout if the store has been compromised to quickly roll back Magento store on last good backup.

Protect your Store Data with Magento Backup Plus Extension

Regular Magento backups prevent you from any data loss and are essential for your store security. The backup process including both files and databases is run as a background process without affecting your site performance.


Schedule Automatic Magento Store Backup

Backup Plus Magento extension use Magento Cron functionality to take backups automatically. With multiple profiles support, you can schedule backup parts of your Magento Store at different times.

Cloud Backup

Backup Plus Magento extension ensures the backup can be automatically uploaded to Cloud storages like Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, gDrive, Once Drive etc. This is to save your website space and is good to restore in case your server goes down.


Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  Upload Magento store backups to Google drive.   Upload full Magento backups to Box .net
  Upload backups to Dropbox.   Upload backups to Amazon
  Upload Magento store backups to One Drive   Upload backups to FTP accounts
  Upload to Local storage   Full backup of Magento database
  Full backup of Magento files   Automatically delete older backup archives
  Schedule automatic backups   Backup email notification
  Suffix for backup files   Exclude folder files
  Exclude tables   Show file size on backup list page
  Multiple backup profiles   Defined Magento backup location
  Add Backup comment for manual backup   Show log details for backup errors
  Avoid saving backups on the same server that hosts your Magento store.   Setting up CRON to periodically save the backups is critical.
  Periodically restore from old backups to verify the backup integrity.   Periodically plan a mock restoration & recovery exercise on a sandbox server.

Release Note

 Version 0.5.0
- New Dropbox API support

 Version 0.4.0
- New One Drive storage support

 Version 0.3.0
- Fixed compatibility issue with Magento CE ver 1.9.X
- New Onedrive/Skydrive storage support

 Version 0.3.0
- Fixed minor bugs & speed improvements
- New Upload backup to SFTP
- Added Show File & DB size

 Version 0.2.0
- New Google Drive storage support
- New Box storage support
- New Dropbox storage support
- New Amazon S3 storage support

 Version 0.1.0
- Initial release

Customer Reviews

  • A Great Tool for Magento Review by Ronin

    This great Magento utility allowed me to automate a lot code and database backups which are essential for running an online store. Hope to see restoration built within the extension soon. Full 5 stars without hesitation for the value and support.

  • Exactly does as it says Review by Kelly

    Backup Plus is giving me total peace of mind, It's a must have extension for all eCommerce stores.

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