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Abandoned Cart - Magento Extension

Abandoned Cart Alerts - Email Follow Up Magento Extension

Magento Abandoned Cart Alert is a comprehensive extension that recaptures all abandoned carts by automatically sending follow up emails to customers who've abandoned their shopping carts without making a purchase .

Enable Abandoned Cart extension
Enable Abandoned Cart extension
Schedule Multiple Emails at different time intervals
Schedule <span>Multiple Emails</span> at different time intervals
Abandoned Cart Options from backend
Abandoned Cart Options from backend
Moderate Pending Emails in the queue
Moderate <span>Pending Emails</span> in the queue
Analyze your Campaign History
Analyze your <span>Campaign History</span>
Analyze Campaigns Results
Analyze <span>Campaigns Results</span>
Detail Statistics of Abandoned Cart follow up emails
<span>Detail Statistics</span> of Abandoned Cart follow up emails
Manage or CSV Import Email Blacklist from backend
Manage or <span>CSV Import Email Blacklist</span> from backend
Flexibly Customize Email Templates from backend
Flexibly <span>Customize Email Templates</span> from backend
Use pre-defined email templates or create your own ones
Use pre-defined email templates or create your own ones

Magento Abandoned Cart sends out mass email alerts to all those customers who left the store without making a purchase in a pre-defined time. Magento Abandoned Cart silently recovers lost sales by offering tempting discount coupons in order to incentivize a new purchase. Magento Abandoned Cart email extension use native Magento email template system to create beautiful follow-up emails. The extension is flexible enough to automatically generate a coupon code and include in email template while sending auto-reminders about abandoned carts, bounced or failed orders. contain dramatically increases revenue by sending emails at configurable intervals to the customer and remind them they have an abandoned carts.

Magento recover Abandoned Carts extension is #1 in comprehensiveness - it dramatically increases the number of returned customers, converts abandoned carts into sales, encourage customers for further purchases, improves customer's relationship & loyalty and recovers lost sales.

Magento Abandoned Cart Alerts Extension Features
  Notify customers about abandoned carts via email.
  Send alerts to registered members or guests.
  Send 5 follow-up emails at different time intervals.
  Sends first alert within minutes upon cart abandonment.
  Allow customers to restore their cart.
  Include an automatically generated coupon into your email.
  Easily Track Emails with Google Analytics
  Coupons with Expiration can Automatically be Added to Emails.
  Show the List of Products in the Abandoned Cart Pending Email.
  Only Send Reminders to Specific Customer Groups.
  Complete Control of Reminders and When They are Sent.
  Send Copy of Reminder to Alternate E-mail Address.
  Show the List of Orders Who Recovered Their Cart and When.
  Automatically log in registered Magento users.
  Statistics on Emails Sent,Abandoned Carts,Abandoned Revenue
  Statistics on Restored carts, Recovery Rate, Recovered revenue.
  Stop reminders specific customers.
  Import Blacklist Emails CSV via Admin.
  Search report for various periods.
  Choose from available email templates (responsive!) or create your own.
  Customize coupon code
  Increase Store Revenue
  Recover Lost Sales
  Customizable Delay Period Between Reminders
  Fanatic support with 1000s of satisfied stores

Increase Revenue with Abandoned Cart Magento Extension

For an eCommerce store on an average, abandonment rate is over 70% and the majority of abandonments happens between 1-3 PM.

Abandoned Cart Magento extension capitalizes this by inserting discount coupons into cart reminders so customers will be motivated enough to come back and purchase the items previously added to their cart.

Magento Abandoned Cart Email FAQ's

  • Can I send multiple emails to follow up with the users who have abandoned their cart?

    Yes, you can set 5 emails to be sent per customer from admin using Magento abandoned cart email.
  • Magento abandoned cart works for guest/unconfirmed users?

    No, currently Magento abandoned cart works only for registered users. Support for unregistered users is coming soon.
  • Can I customize the look and feel of my abandoned cart email template?

    Yes, Magento abandoned cart extension uses default transactional email template. You need to create your own abandoned cart email template by loading default template created by extension & customize as you need.
  • Can I send abandoned cart coupons in my followup email?

    Yes, Using Magento abandoned cart emails you can attract your customer using the coupon code. You can set coupon types, expiry dates, amount, uses per person etc.
  • Can I change delay period between reminders?

    Yes, Using Magento abandoned cart set time periods between each reminder in a sequence can be customized according to your needs.
  • Where is your abandoned cart report located in my Magento store?

    You can find abandoned cart report under Abandonedcart => Pending Emails.
  • How does your extension helps in reducing Magento shopping cart abandonment?

    The extension sends abandoned cart alerts automatically and brings lost customers back. Abandoned Cart Reminder allows you to recapture lost sales and capture additional sales by remarketing your products.

Customer Reviews

  • Automatic Abandon Carts Conversion Review by Stacey Farell

    This is beginning to work very well for us now, automatic cart abandonment alert emails are bringing customers back. I am seeing see 11% conversion in first 5 days. That's awesome. Great plugin and great support!

  • Great extension Review by Ria

    Great extension: does exactly what it promised. Easy installation and quick support if needed.

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